An atmosphere of sensuality and elegance unfolds in the echoing rooms of Fotostyle Studio Berlin. Despite the initial obstacles caused by the pandemic, Pauline Pastuszczak, a radiant beauty with an impressive history as a five-time Playmate in various countries, found her way back to our studio in the winter of 2023.

Here, surrounded by the creative possibilities of the studio, her unmistakable charisma and energy are only enhanced by the ingenious lighting effects. Together with Sven Rodriguez, I staged Pauline in the studio for our calendar store project and captured her poses, sensuality and expression.

The individual light emphasizes her curves and contours, while she poses with a grace and grace that is second to none. The studio becomes a stage on which Pauline tells her story anew with every click of the camera.

The calendar shoot becomes a celebration of femininity and self-expression, with each image a tribute to the strength and beauty of women. The interplay of light and shadow creates a magical atmosphere that only further emphasizes Pauline's presence and captivates the viewer.

By participating in this calendar shoot, Pauline once again proves her ability to capture the light of the cameras and touch the hearts of the viewers.

The title motif of the Urban GlowUp series ended up in the Bodyliciouz - Agency Calendar 2024, which can be purchased as a print and digital version at

Find the BTS - Video at Youtube