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Professional, uncomplicated, creative and modern - that is the concept of Sedarts / Thorsten Sack. Whether portraits, artist & model outfits, passport or application photos, lifestyle & glamour, eroticism or nude art, location or event photography: I guarantee skilfully staged photos that convince with their emotionality!

About Me

Who I am?

My first camera was an analogue Canon AE-1, which I was given on loan to the Foto-AG in 1988 at high school. The tutor at the time fascinated me with his black and white photos of Berlin architecture, streets and courtyards.

My first photo film was an Illford HP 5 ISO 400 black and white, which I snapped on my first model, my great love Berlin. Various cameras have followed until today, whereby I currently rely on Nikon!

After many private projects, my first photo assignments were for a club magazine, for which I was allowed to photograph artists, dancers, staff or the locations every month.
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What I Do?

When you love your job!

I capture the moment with great attention to detail, passion and professionalism in order to create unique motifs.

My strengths lie in the fields of emotional portraits, expressive people photography and professional comp cards as well as advertising photography for food and locations.

I offer interesting workshops and coaching for models and photographers that give you the opportunity to benefit from my 20 years of experience as a photographer. From posing, gestures, facial expressions, choice of clothes to lighting, studio & outdoor photography or post-production with Adobe - CC Suite, I offer a wide-ranging portfolio.

In order to achieve the best possible results, your well-being is important to me very important. Whether you are a newcomer or a professional, we will work out great motifs together!
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My Service

Portraits, Stock, Events, Location, CD & CI Aússtattung facilities

After more than 20 years of experience as a photographer, I know how important it is for companies, labels, public figures / influencers to trigger emotions with their pictures and thus generate recognition. Focus, colors, visual language should be coordinated depending on the campaign, corporate identity or personality in order to achieve the greatest possible effect.


Portrait, Berwerbungsfotos, passport photos, Beauty, Fashion, Fine Art

Models & Artists

Model-& artist portfolios, Sedcards, Polas, Pictorials, Editorials

advertising photography

Product photography, food photography, fashion photographer, location photography


The Modelfinca, international shooting trips for workshops & content production


For models and photographers from posing to lighting


For models, photographers, artists from simple blogs to complex shops


I'm always looking for new faces for my projects. feel free to contact me by email or use my contact form

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address: Markelstr. 16, 12163 Berlin, Germany

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