May presented an exciting photo shoot with Mai Lee that captured the beauty of femininity in all its facets. The shoot featured Mai in a stunning long summer dress, combined with seductive lingerie and a whip. It managed to capture Mai's delicate softness, dominant strength and glamorous charisma in stunning images.

The editorial impressed the creators of the renowned Parisian magazine Moevir so much that the entire series was not only published in the magazine, but also graced the cover.
This collaboration inspired the magazine to honor the unique representation of femininity through the photo shoot.
Moevir magazine recognized the remarkable combination of aesthetics and expressiveness that this shoot embodied. The images convey the essence of femininity in a fascinating way. From elegant beauty to sensual strength, every facet was captured with dedication.
This recognition confirms our passion for the representation of femininity and encourages us to continue to realize creative and inspiring projects.
Discover the extraordinary representation of femininity in our exclusive editorial in the prestigious Moevir magazine. Immerse yourself in the world of captivating images and experience the diversity of femininity in a fascinating way.