After many weeks of work that I put into the new website, the good piece is finally online! 
But first things first! Shortly before the pandemic broke out last year, I took offline, I needed a new design!
But everything turned out differently! With the pandemic and the first lockdown in March 2020 came the big question marks in the agency.
Not only that a large part of our clients came from the event industry, the bookings of the models for various photo productions were initially put on hold. 
It quickly became clear to us: whether funding or not, we need a plan B!< br>Since I was about to start with Carsten B├╝low, aka DJ Size, since mid-2019, to found a new full-service digital agency, everything had to happen very quickly!
Thanks to the lockdown and the closure of the restaurants, we invested 150% of our working hours in founding KreaTIEF030, a decision that from today's perspective was the best in the last 2 years.
For this reason, however, many projects had to be put on hold, whether it was a new website for an agency, new sedcards, or even my own new website.
In addition to many customer orders, not only this new website was created bit by bit, but also a own online store, where I have calendars and other print & offer digital products with the resulting works.
In the next few weeks I will be posting more detailed blogs & Write news. 
Before your attention wanes, I wish you a lot of fun on my new pages!

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