The first part of my femininity series with model Simi was an absolute success for me. Inquiries from online magazines came just as frequently as positive approval from my fans.
The feedback from almost all models was just as positive, often the femininity, sexy outerwear or fashion is neglected by many photographers, so many voices of the photo models.
With the second edition, I chose the classic among the combinations of fashion and lingerie.
A three-piece lingerie set, high heels and a trench coat over them. Yes, mens fantasies are awakened, and doesnt this stimulate the passionate senses more than a naked model?
I think that cheeky Polina with her big blue eyes covers the topic perfectly. Shes a big fan of exciting outfits that accentuate in all the right places, not just show off
but also cover up a little bit. So the appeal is much greater, according to your words.
Enjoy the second Femininity series and stay tuned for Issue 3