With the basic concept of combining lingerie with outerwear like dresses, pantsuits, skirts and tops, which I also implement in my Femininity series, Simi and I have produced the first new photo series in winter for the upcoming projects.

The focus is not only on series for calendars or magazines, but also on completely new ideas and concepts.
The series get more complex themes as well as a short story to put the idea behind each pictorial into words.

Her red lace lingerie

She enters the room in stunning red lingerie that perfectly accentuates her curves. She knows exactly how to show her sensual side. The red lace flatters her figure while the stockings and elegant high heels accentuate her long legs.
Every step she takes in her Louboutins is marked by grace. The delicate stockings caress her legs while the red lace of her lingerie delicately touches her skin.
It is a sight that captivates every viewer and awakens the longing for sensual closeness.
Simi in her red lingerie is a masterpiece of sensuality and will be remembered for a long time by those who were lucky enough to see this series of pictures.

The series has been so well received by Boudoir Inspiration magazine, which is why it was published in the current March issue.