Essential for all types of models or artists is a sedcard and current Polas (Polaroids)!
In large agencies, models are ordered to the Pola shoot almost every week, certainly also to check out the model in general. Hair color, measurements - a lot can change in a week.
Even if pictures or reels are uploaded almost every day in times of selfies, Instagram or TicToc profiles, almost all fashion producers need the exact dimensions of a model.
Garments are also adjusted for editorials. At an online store like Zalando, the model must have the right measurements for 50 looks in 15 poses in one job.
Skin complexion is also crucial for a booking, which is why photos with too much retouching or filtering do not depict what a producer, booker or photographer wants to see.
My tip for models who work exclusively with Instagram or other social media: pretty portraits are nice to have, but are not sufficient as a selection criterion for many projects.
Store current polas, a kind of sedcard with outfits from different areas and above all your measurements, for example in the highlights.
I have already produced countless polas, sedcards, press kits or small websites for models and artists from various areas and I am happy to support you.